ACS Trading Post has been selling leather online since 2002.  We attend leather auctions and work with suppliers to bring products to our customers all over the world for below wholsale prices.  Most of the leather we sell includes sample skins and leftovers from production runs.  We sell one skin at a time or small lots and we focus on picturing and describing every skin we sell.  We are growing faster now as the skin market prices have skyrocketed due to very high market prices for cattle.  As more people turn to us for leather we are able to expand our business finding and buying more deals to pass along to our valuable customers.  We realize that customer service is of ultimate importance and we will do anything it takes to make sure our customers are not only happy with the product we sell, but also with the price and service they receive.  We are always looking for leather and we would love to be your supplier.  Please contact us with any questions or if you have leather to buy or sell.


Chip Bortnick Owner